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The Conjuring Lili Taylor Spa Makeover The Conjuring Lili


Kids! Have you watched the creepy ghost movie The Conjuring? Well, it is such a horror movie consisting of paranormal activities which will surely make your blood run cold. In this movie one of the main protagonists played by Lili Taylor is possessed by the evil spirit and who goes to verge of killing her own daughters but saved by timely intervention and she is freed from the possession of the evil spirit. Now Lili Taylor’s face is stained with blood and it looks very scary. She needs your attention to turn her as beautiful as ever. A thorough facial treatment process would ensure a complete makeover leaving no traces of what has happened. Pamper her with spa facial masks and make her face healthy and vibrant. Make up her face applying eye shadow, blush, and lipsticks in appropriate colors that she looks younger than her age. And pay attention to her hairstyle and clothes too. Change them to match with her makeup. Have fun!

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